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“Come, join us, You already belong.”

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Welcome to Desert Outreach Synagogue. We are a vibrant, engaging, diverse, and welcoming congregation established to unite the Jewish population in the Coachella Valley. We strive to create a diverse community where everyone from youth to senior, observant to unaffiliated, secular, to those seeking an alternative, are welcome. Whether you’re a cynic, activist, passive, or seeking to explore or renew your connection to Judaism, you have a home in our congregation. Our community is known for its ability to ignite sparks of life and strengthen the bonds between members and visitors alike.  

Open and affirming congregation

Desert Outreach Synagogue aims to gather people to worship, study, and celebrate our traditions and happy occasions. We are an open and affirming congregation, inclusive rather than exclusive. We support one another through difficult times and work towards social justice for all.

Our objectives are to serve unaffiliated Jewish people who prefer not to pay the costs associated with membership in a traditional Synagogue. Secondly, we are committed to providing a space for non-conforming Jewish people who want to connect with their Jewish heritage and culture and interfaith families who need a place to call home.

We celebrate our Jewish heritage in an egalitarian atmosphere that invites participation and creativity. Desert Outreach Synagogue is where the creative meets the alternative and blends with the traditional.

Our synagogue offers opportunities for individuals and families to enrich their lives, connect with others, and discover their relationship with Judaism through spiritual connection, observances, educational programs, and social gatherings.

“We are not your grandfather’s shul!” We are an inclusive and exciting Jewish community where you can reconnect or connect for the first time.

We blend the creative into our services. Rabbi Jules is not about labels. We welcome everyone. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, the unaffiliated, secular; we are inclusive, and all are welcome here.  


In the past, I didn’t always feel welcome at Synagogue. Will DOS different for me?

Absolutely! We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation, accepting and respecting everyone.

I have children. How does worship work for us?

Our services are on Friday evenings, and although young people certainly may attend, they rarely do because of the hour. We do offer Shabbat School on Saturday mornings, with child care available

How should we dress for worship?

In season, (October-April) women wear dresses, skirts, or slacks with a sweater or blouse and jacket. Men wear slacks, with a shirt and jacket. Summer is more casual.

I'm nervous in new social situations. Will I have to talk to people?

Many people are anxious about attending because they don’t like small talk or don’t like the feeling of being at a new house of worship alone. We have a team of greeters that will meet and welcome you. 

I have a disability. Can I still participate in worship?

Our parking lot is marked for those arriving with physical challenges, and we have a ramp for wheelchair or walker accessibility. Our bathroom accommodates the wheelchair-bound. 

What if I don't read or understand Hebrew?

Our prayer books have both transliterations and English. They are very easy to follow.

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