Torah Study & Talkin’ Torah

Surely, this Instruction which I enjoin upon you this day is not too baffling for you, nor is it beyond reach. ~ Deuteronomy 30:11 

Torah Study

with Rabbi Rachel Axelrad

Jewish education never ends; we continue studying and learning until the end. 

Desert Outreach Torah study is accessible to all, regardless of background or knowledge of Hebrew.  It is not obsolete but applicable to our own lives today. 

We welcome everyone to engage in dialog, using whatever commentary works best for you.   Please join us at 10:30 on the second Saturday of the month via Zoom to discuss the week’s lesson as we strive to find the meaning and relevance of the Torah’s lessons in our own lives. 

All are welcome. Bring your favorite commentary!

For more information about Torah Study with contact: Rabbi Rachel

young man wearing a kippa studying on laptop computer

Talkin’ Torah

with Rabbi Andrew Bentley

Coming together to discuss and learn about the weekly Torah portion has been a mainstay of the Jewish people for generations. As individuals, we bring our personal perspectives and experiences into the rich text of the Torah. We can see ourselves in the stories of our ancestors, be inspired by their triumphs, and learn from their failures.

The sages refer to the Torah as Torat Chaim, the living Torah, alive and evolving through our history, personal experiences, and ever-changing understanding of science and the human condition.

Desert Outreach Synagogue is proud to announce Talkin’ Torah, where we will come together each Shabbat and delve into the text of the weekly Torah portion. Engaging in lively debate and discussion is encouraged as we continue to find its relevance in our daily lives and share our world views with others.

Come be part of the Oral Torah and shape discussions around the future of Judaism! Contact Rabbi Andrew.


View and/or download information on our Adult Education Programs. 


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Shabbat School

A vibrant environment where students learn about Jewish rituals, holidays, observances, and liturgy through a creative curriculum led by experienced teachers. 

Group of diverse adults studying Jewish prayer book

adult education

Adult Education at Desert Outreach Synagogue has gone modular! We’re pleased to offer a series of exciting courses in Jewish studies; courses that may be taken alone, or as part of a specific goal.

Midrasha Class

Midrasha classes prepare students for confirmation. Studies include the Book of Ruth, the Ten Commandments, and Mussar (a Jewish study that promotes balance in one’s life.

cute little boy wearing a kippah eating a matzo cracker

Jewish Playgroup

Children (ages 4-7) now have a place to grow, play, learn, and build Jewish friendships. Children will learn about their Jewish heritage, rituals, and prayers through art, song, and story.