Our History

Desert Outreach Synagogue was founded in 2016


Desert outreach synagogue

Rabbi Jules King


Desert Outreach Synagogue was founded in 2016 with 14 people in my living room. I shared my vision of starting a new “temple without walls” that would be open and inclusive of all. There are so many who have been left out, disenfranchised, excluded and turned away for many reasons. DOS is a home for everyone!

Our first service was Rosh Hashanah morning in the Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert with a packed ballroom… and the 2016 High Holy Days was incredibly memorable and meaningful. Our first Shabbat service was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Rancho Mirage where we currently meet.

We are not your grandfather’s shul. We embrace our traditions, but love the creative and alternative to be welcoming, inclusive and inviting regardless of who one loves, background, sexual orientation, Jewish… and all others from various other religions, agnostic, atheist, … none of it matters when you are home.

You will find a home that is warm and very friendly, services that are uplifting and inspiring… filled with amazing music and great sermons… where you will discover a connection, community and conversation.

Come join us! You already belong! Welcome home!

With gratitude,

Rabbi Dr. Jules King

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