Live Generously

Give generously as you are able.

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the L-rd you G-d that He has given thee.” ~ Deuteronomy 16:17

Your Gifts are a Blessing

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Annual/Monthly Donations & Payment Options

Thank you for supporting Desert Outreach Synagogue! To contribute, please let us know if you are paying for a specific DOS function, celebrating a special occasion, honoring someone, donating in memory of a loved one, or contributing to a specific fund for the synagogue.

Your contributions, whether large, small, one-time, annual, or otherwise, are what enable us to build and support this wonderful inclusive, alternative, and vibrant community!

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More Ways to Give


Contributing to honor the memory of a loved one is a Jewish custom and is considered a loving act of kindness. All Yahrzeit donations are listed in our bulletin.

Music Fund/Oneg Fund

Thank you for supporting the Desert Outreach Synagogue music program!  If you would like to honor or remember someone with your contribution please let us know.

Beit Sefer Fund

The Beit Sefer fund helps to ensure that education is available to everyone, regardless of age. This fund helps to offset the costs of our amazing religious school program. 

High holy days

$450 per person includes a High Holy Days ticket, access to clergy, and community!

$300 Non-Member per person.


Estate Planning and Bequests

Planning for the future and leaving a meaningful legacy is an integral part of our community at Desert Outreach Synagogue. We understand the importance of preserving our traditions and supporting our Jewish synagogue for generations to come. Through estate planning and gifts, you can make a lasting impact on our vibrant, diverse, and welcoming Jewish community. Including Desert Outreach Synagogue in your estate plans ensures that our inclusive, alternative, and vibrant community continues to thrive. Whether through a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, or another planned giving option, your generosity will help us build and support our wonderful community. Let us create a blessed future for Desert Outreach Synagogue as we honor the values and traditions that connect us all.

For information about Estate Planning and Bequests, please get in touch with our Treasurer, Ryan Lester-Wilson.


Desert Outreach Synagogue is a 501(c)3 organization. For tax preparation purposes: No goods or services were given in consideration for your gift. Your completed Donation form is your receipt for contributions made to Desert Outreach Synagogue. Please download and print the form and retain it for your records. Contributions made to Desert Outreach Synagogue are tax-deductible. For tax filing purposes, Desert Outreach Synagogue’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 81-3118